The Ultimate Intention

“Nothing will come out right for the person who either consciously or subconsciously makes the universe to revolve around himself. What a penalty, to live with a self you can’t live with. As long as you center in yourself,
you won’t like yourself. Another has put it this way. “It is so wonderful to get yourself off your own hands and into the hands of God. It’s like living in a new world!”

“Man was not created to be the CENTER and any attempt to build this false universe will only cause confusion. God has made life that way, and there is no use kicking against the goad, as Paul did to his own hurt.”

“Paul explains it this way, “we thus judge, that one died for all, therefore all died, and He died for all, that they which live should no longer live unto themselves, but unto Him who for them died and rose again.” (2 Cor. 5:14-
15). “Paul reveals that it was God’s purpose to take all of Adam’s race to the cross in order to deal with the “I” principle that stands in opposition to God. So when God looked down upon the cross, He saw us united in death
with His Son. All that is involved in the treachery of S-I-N (Selfish, independent negation) is dealt with there. Thus from God’s viewpoint man was crucified WITH CHRIST- but more. He was buried with Christ in Jospeh’s new tomb. Yet even more, He was raised with Christ to newness of life. But still more than that, he was positioned with Christ in God in a new heavenly position.”

“Now all this which God reckons to have happened as he sees it from His viewpoint, we must likewise reckon to be our experience by faith-appropriation. So Paul describes it in four words: CRUCIFIED, BURIED, RISEN, and ASCENDED. This is not something that we do. No, we see it by revelation- see that it happened to us “in Him” – and we by faith live in that reckoning.” “Man has been raised with Christ and is now in a new position “in Him.”

We know of multitudes of believers who have well taught about their position in Christ. They speak with conviction of the finished work by which they have forgiveness, deliverance, victory, and authority. And well they might rejoice in all that has been done for them. Yet here is just the trouble- the snare. They have never changed centers. All that has been made available to them in Christ they continue to relate to themselves: the old center. They have missed the deepest severing power of the cross which would deliver them to a life centered in God where all things are related to HIM.”

“For almost fifteen years this writer preached the GLORIES OF OUR POSITION IN CHRIST and emphasized the truths of identification in the death and resurrection of Christ as this made available a victorious walk- a truth which is now being taught by hundreds throughout the country. Yet, I was, without realizing it always relating all this to man and his needs and welfare. It was all FOR MAN- what man received through his new position in
Christ. Thus the center had not really changed.””Then one day the truth exploded. I realized just how short this was of bringing man to a full and total emancipation from his man centered-ness. It became evident as long as one is
still appealing to man FOR WHAT MAN CAN GET, it still fits into the popular approach.

But it is a vastly different thing to experience the radical working of the Cross which liberates one from self to a new center. As long as one is still more alive to what God does for man, to what the cross realizes for man, to what our position in Christ means for man- that individual has never grasped the Father’s full intention for placing us in His Son: that we might come to the same vision, purpose, dedication and philosophy of life as the Son shares in the Father.”

“God intends for man to live with an utterly new center of gravity. We are not merely centered “in Christ” but with Him are centered in God the Father. As we shall see, in this God centered position it is no longer our victory, but living in His victory; it is no longer our purpose, but living in His purpose; it is no longer our dedication, but living in His dedication. All things have truly become new.”

DeVern Fromke


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