After meeting Jesus for the first time in 1969 I began on a journey in Him that would take me into many experiences and many places. I learned the depths of the vastness of His love and mercy as well as the strength of His holiness and purity and His hatred of sin and deception. This blog exists because I see a path taken by many today that tries to pass for truth and the real things of Jesus, but leaves one wanting. A whole generation of professing believers is moving on, and yet, they know neither where they are going nor how to get there safely. The old paths have been forsaken and new paths abound. These new paths are not true paths at all, but a deceptive side road that leads to error and loss. The writers that are posted here are those of the ‘old school of faith’, who knew the truths of the cross and the indwelling Christ. May you be blessed by your reading and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, the one true God….


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  1. Please contact me at covenantkingdom@gmail.com or www-the-covenant-kingdom.com

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